Born from the beautiful mind of roaster and barista Steve Lomax, Bolt is the product of years of experience in artisanal coffee roasting. Alongside with a team full of shared knowledge and coffee education.

The scope and depth of Bolt’s range of blends allows all coffee lovers to find their perfect fix. The teams at both the roastery and cafe are always happy to help you find a blend that suits your needs.

We value great coffee - coffee for the people. Support small businesses and households over metropolitan and regional Western Australia and across the country, we are proud of our blends. Contributing to the growth of our communities and our friends in local business is our proudest achievement.


Bolt Coffee Roasters is the culmination of a dream for roaster and barista Steve Lomax. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Steve has expertly roasted and created a full range of simply delicious blends and single origins to suit any taste - coffee that’s not over complicated. Bolt is 

“Simple done well”

“Coffee for the people”

“The ultimate fix”

Through care, attention to detail and a lot of love, we strive to create a place for people to disconnect to reconnect.