Yes, please inquire through here or email roastery@boltcoffee.com alternatively.

Yes, we generally roast no more than two days before your order is packaged and sent!

Bayswater is for collecting online orders, Midland has its own retail space which is not connected to the online store.

Due to shipping logistics we usually ship within two business days of your order being placed.

 Australia Post.


Black: Try a Single Origin or Vice! If you have a plunger give Volcano a go!

White: Three Amigos for smooth or Crack for a punchy kick,

Cold: Blue!

Delirium as it has robusta.

Not at this stage, but keep your eyes peeled.


Our house blend is Three Amigos, one of our original and most versatile blends. We use it weekdays in the Midland cafe if you would like to taste it in all its glory.